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5 Steps to a Memorable Reception

If you're planning on getting married and want to have the best-est wedding reception after-party, then this post is just for you! Of course, the list below is merely a suggestion as no two weddings are alike. Read, enjoy and share:

1. When choosing music for your reception, keep in mind your guests. Choose 5 or so songs that you love and another 5 or more that you think your guests will appreciate and leave the rest to us.

2. Do not place tables in front of the DJ. The DJ should be directly in front of the dancefloor.

3. Guests will feel more relaxed and be more likely to dance in a room that is dimmed. Bright lights are great for dining and speeches but not so much for dancing. Your guests will feel less inhibited if the room lights are softened.

4. Most guests will follow the lead of the bride and groom. If you are on the dancefloor all night, so will most of your guests. After all, they're there to celebrate WITH you.

5. Choosing the right time to end your reception will ensure your guests will always remember a packed dancefloor.

The next suggestion which didn't make the top 5 but is worthwhile mentioning. Liquor! That. Is. All.

Thanks to @djjamesdjservice for allowing Elevate Entertainment to reproduce their aptly curated list.

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