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My Cousin is a DJ

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

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When it comes to hiring a DJ for your event, do yourself a favour, hire a professional. Sure, we all know someone who is, was or can be a DJ - in fact, it has gotten so easy to learn and practice the art of DJing, with the proliferation of laptops and software, that virtually anyone can become a DJ.

Gone are the days when the great DJs were the ones with a huge (and heavy) collection of vinyl records. Now everything is digital and with streaming platforms on the rise, the DJ has even greater competition.

As the title suggests, though you may know someone who can DJ, does not mean you should hire them for your wedding or corporate event. A professional DJ has had years of experience plying their trade; has made mistakes which they've learned from; has been exposed to diverse ages, cultural backgrounds and musical tastes and has therefore learned how to effectively read a crowd.

A professional DJ knows about timing when playing songs, is mindful of the appropriateness of each song and has honed his/her mannerisms and conduct to reflect that of each event. Reinforcing the premise that there is a lot more to being a DJ than playing the latest hit songs.

When choosing a DJ for your next event, speak with them, interview them. Ask them about their experience - have they played at an event similar to what you are planning?

Ask them about their redundancies - do they have back-up equipment should something fail? Also, listen for their enthusiasm or lack thereof.

And DJs, be open to questions from potential clients, understand that some may be booking a DJ that they probably won't meet until the day of their event. Recognize that this must create some amount of angst in them and be patient because you are, after all, a professional.

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